Internships 2.0 Now Open

We are super excited to launch a completely re-imagined internship initiative here at Xische. Through the course of 2010, Xische Studios (as formerly known) has transformed into a hybrid consulting boutique now called Xische & Co. As it turns out, we do a lot more than design — we combine business consulting with design thinking and occasionally sprinkle technology where it can drive innovation (such as social media). We are a think-tank that helps solve key government and business challenges. The hybrid nature of our business makes us discipline-agnostic; we do not care about the platform or medium to work on. What’s important is rethinking the challenges, and solving them in innovative ways.

What does this mean to the internship program? Our initiative stems from an aspiration to help develop Dubai’s nascent internship culture. This hot-off-the-oven program now reflects this change in our philosophy and positioning. We want to inspire a journey of observation, critical reflection, and introspection; a period during which preconceived notions are re-evaluated, and conventional theory is unlearned. It is a culmination of unusual, diverse and challenging hands-on training experiences. We hope the candidates will walk away inspired to redefine industry standards, and develop their own X-factor (all pun intended).

For more information or to secure a copy of your internship application, drop us a line on or leave a comment right here. You will be sent a link to register your interest and proceed from there.

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