Joi Ito and The Convergence of Food and Licensing

CC Iftar Dubai

Creative Commons (or the iconic little ‘CC’ logo) has found growing relevance in a world homogenized by its counterpart — the archaic © logo. Last week, Creative Commons initiated an interesting get-together called the CCItfars and it all kickstarted in Dubai. Xische lent its support to the super team at CC by designing a limited edition t-shirt to help drive donations.

Yellow Post-It notes with scribbled twitter handles adorned shirt pockets and kandooras; after all this is an age where the avatar commands more recall than one’s real self. The theme of the iftars is to bridge “food and cross-cultural recipes.” The fabulous team of volunteers put up a memorable little event, devoid of the usual Dubai-networking ambience.

Amongst other things that evening, our friend Joi Ito had inspiring words of wisdom behind the idea of open licensing, the future of copyright, and entrepreneurship. A few memorable quotes from his talk include:

“When we launched the internet…” (except he’s one of the few people that can actually say that)

“CC is like a vaccination against the homogenized rules of the WTO and the West.”

“Hollywood has made us look at our fans as pirates.”

“CC refers to the notion of positive deviance and calls people to seek out the risk takers rather than try to change the system.”

Attendees included entrepreneurs Fadi Ghandour and Rabea Ataya. Two other talks included Mohammed Parham of Dubai-based shawarma outfit Wild Peeta (famed for its crowd-sourced approach to business) and Mahmoud Abu-Wardeh of Baraka, who likened the concept of Creative Commons to food — something “we in the Arab world understand.”

Check out Joi’s Flickr photostream set up for blocked-UAE access via this link.
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