Wanted: Fashionista Content Manager

Job Reference: XB102 / Location: Dubai / Experience: Not essential

We are weeks away from an interesting fashion project launching out of Dubai. What we need now is a geek that has a passion for fashion, to help write descriptions and manage general site content. As always, we care less about your educational background, and more about what you’re passionate about. Knowledge of blogging is imperative. The position will be full-time, but based on your ability to work off-site, flexible hours may be negotiated.

We repeat this often, but our culture is the opposite of corporate. Ties are not allowed. We often work beyond the 9-5 PM barrier, but in a relaxed, playlist-shuffled atmosphere. Deadlines are non-negotiable.

If this sounds like you, send your blog link or Linkedin profile to May Olais at may@xische.com immediately to set up an interview. We will require you to start immediately.

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