TEDxDubai Now Rebooted

We are incredibly excited to be able to announce our collaboration with the definitive event of the year — TEDxDubai 2010. Those of you who attended the first-ever edition last year know exactly what we’re talking about. Others that have just awoken to this phenomenal opportunity to — not network, not parade your creds around — but simply connect and learn, we’re happy to welcome you to this unique experience.

What really galvanised us to this year’s event was it’s daring theme: Reboot. As simply as the jargon now appears in our daily technology-overdosed lives, I hope this year will renew its meaning for many. The culture of failure isn’t exactly the most palatable cup of tea for anybody, least of all in the region. I for one am looking forward to seeing untold stories make their way onto the huge red letter ‘X’ that will mark the stage in 4 weeks.

The new website helps reflect the theme of reinvention starting with the color palette. It is not a fancy online presence, just a clean and simple one. The team wanted to let the stories and the many ensuing conversations take centre-stage, and I think the site’s visual language helps achieve that.

But the real adrenalin shot for us is the registration process for the event. We’re thrilled to be able to make the event as ticket-less as possible. Your entry will require a simple barcode scanned straight off your smartphone to walk right in. This, we are immensely proud of.

TEDxDubai.com has now rebooted.

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