Wanted Alive: Social Media Executive

Job Reference: XB110 / Location: Dubai / Experience: 2 years

Our social media squad (behind RAKBANK, City of Life & TEDxRamallah) is looking to add a motivated geek with a passion for blogging, tweeting, facebooking, content ideation and community building. A quirky sense of humor is a bonus.

Qualifications & Experience

You will need to have an active social profile on Facebook and Twitter, understand social networks, wikis, blogs, etc. You will need to demonstrate experience sourcing and managing content development and publishing online within a marketing/advertising/PR/social agency. Good verbal and written communication skills are mandatory, with the ability to work individually on a project or in a team environment. Proficiency with Apple iWork Suite is key for presentations. Your role will require jumping from the creative side of marketing to the analytical side and reporting. Anything less than outstanding organizational skills and the ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously while meeting deadlines will not work. Communication internally in reporting results to management in a fast paced environment is key.

Essential Duties

You will be required to help with interacting with clients and helping shape the social strategy for the brands we work with. Our clients engage us to become the eyes and ears of the brands as if our own reputation depended on it. You will need to work with your colleagues to make sure conversations are led, problems are solved and campaign messaging is broadcast across different mediums. You will have to coordinate content approval processes and act as a site administrator for one or more client communities.

We say this often and will repeat it again: our culture is the opposite of corporate. Ties are not allowed. We often work beyond the 9-5 PM barrier, but in a relaxed, playlist-shuffled atmosphere. Deadlines are non-negotiable. If you think this is a role for you, apply at facebook.com/xische right this minute!

Important note: You will need to become a barista as you join us.

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