kills the group-buying cliche in Dubai

Just because you are a group buying website does not necessarily mean you have to look ugly. is a group-buying website that doesn’t peddle spa vouchers, meal discounts or other little memorabilia. They’re about deals that actually matter, and by that we mean cars, real-estate and travel.

We’ve been working diligently to help reflect the massive evolution of the business since the idea was originally invented by the two founders (they’re twins too!).  Yesterday, we unveiled it’s newly re-imagined brand identity to reflect it re-imagine business vision. Yup, you can hold Xische responsible for it. To add to the stakes (and fun!) our parent company Xische Holdings has invested in the business together with the supercool founders of too.

Although the website is still under wraps the unveiling of the new identity got Facebook and Twitter buzzing. The ‘launching soon’ page got a facelift followed by an appreciative applaud (See Twitter conversations hashtagged #reGrosper and Facebook here)

We believe in brand impact via the little things that matter: colors, shapes, typefaces, language and personality. Stay tuned as we unveil what we hope will be the most well-designed, clean and innovative user-journey in an otherwise cluttered marketplace filled with deals.


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