New Gal: I Can Out-Design You and I Won’t Even Have to Open My Eyes

Nehal Ahmed joins Xische & Co.

Meet Nehal Ahmed.

What’s your fav food? What music do you listen to, Books you read?
Oriental food anytime.
Current favourite: ‘Everything in its right place’ mix by Pretty Lights. I easily fall in love with electronic like Røyksopp.
I love to read literary fiction and fantasy (not necessarily vampires). I cannot live without at least one Computer Arts Projects journal in my bag at all time.

What did you do before joining xische (Professional background)?
Professionally, I’ve always been doing things even while studying. As a teenager I had a small handmade greeting cards business. At the same time I also worked for an event organizer amassing an unusual amount of experience in event management. While studying design at university I was a freelance designer. After graduating I joined a publishing company. And just before joining Xische I was freelancing as a graphic designer and illustrator. I think that sums it up.

What is your current role at Xische?
Designer – I work on many different projects that have web as well as print requirements.

What is your passion/dream (in life)
To write and illustrate a book before I’m 25. I turn 25 in October. Besides that I am passionate about acquiring and sharing knowledge and that explains why I talk so much. :)

What was your first impression of Xische
I can never forget how warm it felt to be welcomed in with smiling faces. And I had only walked in without an appointment to show my portfolio to someone! In another place they would try to get rid of me somehow.
As an art/design student you get to meet very exciting people doing the same thing at university. They like to learn more, experiment and never be stagnant. At Xische I found the same people when I first walked in, that is the reason why I wanted to work here.

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