Partnering with Acumen Fund’s Dubai Chapter

As with most parts of the world, the concept of ‘social entrepreneurship’ is grossly misunderstood to be a fancy alternative for a charity. A social venture, of course, is not all that different from a commercial venture, except in the way it exists to create a sustainable social impact in any way.

Acumen Fund happens to be one of the world’s most innovative non-profit venture funds that uses entrepreneurial approaches to solve the problems of global poverty. When their Dubai chapter approached us via Twitter (of all things!) to talk about a potential collaboration, we dove right in. They needed somebody to build a website for their upcoming Social Entrepreneurship Business Competition. We said yes, and built a daring and industry-norm-defying website. The partnership then extended and we offered a 3-month brand, strategy and marketing mentorship program to the winners of the competition.

Our CEO Danish Farhan kick-started the competition by conducting a hands-on workshop to help the participants tell more compelling stories about their ventures. The competition witnessed an extraordinary set of entrepreneurs with exceptional ideas to trigger real change in different parts of the world.

Congratulations to the winners Tracy Fountain for her Back to Basics venture and the Emirati duo Nojoud Al Bastaki and Muna Harib for Buksha Social Enterprise. Click those links to watch their final pitches.

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