New Guy: I’ve Got a List to Keep Track of Lists You Don’t Even Know You Need Yet

Alan Jambaro joins the family at Xische & Co.

Meet Alan Jambaro.

Fav food? Music you listen to? Books you read?
I love Asian cuisine particularly Thai and Chinese.
I love happy, feel good music when im at work. It helps me to be motivated and always on the move. When im at home, I usually listen to house and club music. Often times the ones by David Guetta and Tiesto. Depending on the mood, I sometimes listen to religious songs.
I love to read management books and Journals.

What did you do before joining Xische (Professional background)?
I worked as a Business Analyst. Gathering and modelling software requirements, define requirements specifications and software roadmap was my specialty. I also help in building project plans, making sure that all activities are realistic and manageable. Having able to define requirements, I also lead software testing and at the same time help in providing technical support to our clients.

What is your current role at Xische?
Im a Project Manager. I evaluate and scope a project with the help of the team, plan the implementation, communicate with team members, and manage the risks. Talking to clients and giving them updates with regards to the project’s progress is also part of my role.
Since im managing several projects at the same time, more coordination and tracking are needed to ensure that project deliverables are met. These are tasks which i find very challenging. But by the end of the day it is very satisfying knowing that our team is always there to support one another in order for a successful project delivery.

What is your passion/dream (in life)?
Although a long shot, I dream of owning/running my own company someday. Build a Xische like culture wherein people dont treat each other as co-workers but as family.

What was your first impression of Xische
Two Words. SUPER COOL! Here’s why..
1. Dungeon like office
2. Legendary Coffee
3. Relax working environment
4. Awesome People
5. Excellent Taste in Music
6. Cool Library

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