Designing a simpler, smarter Sony VAIO for the Middle East

Sony VAIO E Series website design by Xische UAE

Xische was approached by Sony with a simple directive: Redesign their rather dated Sony VAIO website for a cool, tech-savvy generation. A generation that effortlessly navigates technology, and has no time for complications or delays.

So we simplified the visuals and design language to make the site more inviting. We started with embracing the fact that most potential buyers of this series already consumed the web on large monitors of some kind — the usual screen resolution restrictions would only make the site look dated and uninspiring. The result was a clean, gigantic, visual-driven website that is yet to become the norm in the Middle East.

Sony VAIO E Series website design by Xische

Next, we created a straightforward navigation system that intuitively led to easier access of information, whether on the same page or another one. We also kept in mind the fact that tablets and mobile devices would be just as likely to be used for viewing this website — we deployed fluid transitions and animated loading, all without using Flash, ensuring mobile accessibly was 100%. We developed a mechanism that made for better access speed by loading sections on demand rather than waiting for the entire site to load. And we maximized screen space by deploying features like subtly including a sticky menu bar on top as you scroll down the website.

Sony VAIO E Series website design by Xische

The result seems to really stand out from what we hear from our client. Site visit numbers have been promising so far. The cherry on the cake has been this: we’ve been asked to take this simple, yet sophisticated new design language and apply it across the entire Sony MEA site. Now that’s success that’s not make.believe (pun intended!)

Check out the simpler, smarter Sony VAIO E-Series website here.

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