PlayStation ME: Social Needn’t Be Only Virtual

For one of the region’s most exciting gaming expos GAMES12, PlayStation Middle East asked us to help raise the bar on how social media can fuel real engagement. As existing social media partners of PlayStation, we understood the opportunities that lay ahead and decided to go no-holds-barred.

Xische Sony Playstation GAMES12

We conceived a series of competitions and activities that ran both virtually (across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube & Foursquare) and tactically on the ground. Since this was going to be hard to keep up with, we crafted a neat little Dashboard on Facebook giving users all the information at a one-stop-shop. The app also curated content being populated across all the different social platforms into one easy-to-use grid.

Brands that implicitly breed admiration are always best positioned to heighten engagement with the promise of real memorable value for every visitor and fan alike. From PlayStation VIG – allowing anybody to apply via the dashboard to become a Very Important Gamer (VIG) and be given access to exclusive tours and beat the queue, to populating great reactions from visitors via photos, spawning a code-cracking competition called Unlock the Symbol. It didn’t stop there; for the Spotted Here competition we shot video blurbs of people’s experiences, encouraging self-tagging to win. On Twitter we hosted Retweet & Win competitions every few hours during the event so ensure the key messages inviting people to the stand were amplified.

But one of the highlights of the event was a little device called the Instabooth we built with our partner venture PhotoBooth. This unassuming little box threw out neat little Instagram prints of anybody that hashtagged their pictures with specific hashtags. All you needed to do was come collect them from one of the many booths we installed at the event.

The Numbers

  • 70,701 fans on Facebook
  • 31,250 engaged users
  • 100% increase in reach
  • 4,081 retweets on Twitter
  • Twitter trending topic
  • 1000+ likes on Instagram

Here’s looking forward to more regional social media case studies that create hybrid experiences rather that purely virtual ones. Thank you PlayStation Middle East for letting us push the boundaries on this one!

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