Facebook Paper: Yay or Nay?

There’s been all this buzz about Facebook Paper, it’s almost like the new ‘EXTRA EXTRA, read all about it’ news source but it’s not only digital, it’s socially savvy too! If you have no idea what we’re rambling on about, here’s a quick catch-up on the tech world – Facebook just released a new mobile app that allows users to see their Facebook newsfeed, messages, requests, notifications, sources they follow AND trending news by topics of their choice.

You’re probably wondering, isn’t that exactly like Flipboard? Below are a few key differences we noticed between the two apps:

1) Gestures/Movements: Facebook rhymes with Fluid!

While Flipboard’s gesture controls are simpler, somehow, Facebook Paper makes the user experience ten times as fluid and enticing with smart movements like tilting your phone right and left to view a full panoramic photo.

2) RSS Feed vs Curated Content: Facebook filter it, please.

While Flipboard doesn’t limit the number of topics you can follow, Facebook Paper only allows you nine ‘themes’ to follow, out of nineteen.

What does this mean? While Flipboard gives you unlimited access to all the news sources and social networks that you could fathom, all on one app, Facebook Paper carefully lets you select a few and shows you the top 10 pieces of news on your newsfeed and themes, based on popularity, trends and eventually, preferences.

3) Sharing vs Engaging: Facebook, you’ve done it again.

We’re not playing favouritism, we promise! Facebook Paper lets you comment, like or share an article, with other users on Facebook, whereas on Flipboard, you can only share the article or click on it to comment through the official source website.

*Drum Rolls* The big draw back? Naturally, the only social network the app grabs content from is Facebook, while Flipboard lets you access all of this plus your other social networks in one convenient app.

The verdict: Facebook Paper, you’ve just made it to our home screen shortcuts!

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