5 Lessons at #FFWDDXB

1) Too many hashtags spoil the broth.

One hashtag per event can generate the ‘viral’ buzz. Yes, we said it: #VIRAL. The more the hashtag is used – the more likely it is to trend on Twitter or show up on Instagram’s Explore section. Too many hashtags confuse people and have an adverse effect. If you’re a brand, stick with a hashtag that is relevant to your brand only – not the event. If you’re the event coordinator, stick with your event hashtag.


2) Join the conversation – be THAT brand.

While every brand is covering the event live or posting interviews and backstage shots, that’s all great but it’s all very exclusive and one-sided. Be different, be inclusive. Start tweeting people back and let them know you’re there too. Start a conversation with people by commenting on their Instagram posts. Facebook their Twitter to YouTube your Instagram – just TALK to them. People like to converse not just be talked at.


3) But first, take a selfie!

No matter the industry you’re in right now, selfies work. A selfie activation is the way to go, if you can make it relevant to your brand. Why? Because really, people just need a reason to take a selfie and they’ll do it.


4) You snooze you lose, machines.

User experience is a very important factor to consider when conceptualizing a campaign – the quicker the user journey, the better it will sell. Anything more than 2 minutes and you’re already risking the user walking away. Did you know that attention spans have shrunk by 50% over the past decade? #TrueStory
So listen to the age old saying and keep it short and simple.


5) Real-time, like now now. People are fascinated with the power of now.

If you pick up something they JUST tweeted or Instagrammed and do something with it as a trigger, it will work wonders. Print their Instagram photos real-time or use their tweet to trigger something on a screen or at an event, and they will go crazy.

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