Business in a City Named Dubai

Our CEO Danish Farhan was invited to share his experience running businesses in the Middle East by International Referral Conference in Dubai last month. The audience was bound to be sceptical, given it was almost entirely lawyers from around the world. Dubai’s buzz factor was at an all-time high, with Fahad Al Thani of Dubai Foreign Direct Investment Authority opening the event with an extremely compelling keynote address. The panel however, was met with many a skeptic about living and working in the city. Danish, who has been in the Middle East for almost 30 years, pursued a monologue about the reality of life in Dubai, highlighting both the pros, but not without the cons — only to be met with an unexpected applause from the entire hall.

Here’s a social media round up of the event, in case you missed it:




The 2014 ‘On the Road’ event held in Dubai was co-hosted by M Advocates of Law, and sponsored by RAK Investment Authority. 100 Attendees from 40 jurisdictions were present and the event included networking sessions, presentations and social functions.

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